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  1. says: Rajender Bali

    Good to see aspiring team helping kids in Himachal. I am also from Himachal and looking for teams who would like to visit my area and help the simple and sweet villagers (kids and adults) by teaching life skills or donate books/indoor games, etc. We will take care of your local stay, food, local transportation, sightseeing, etc.

  2. says: sonam yiga

    this woman have got english accent,she is definitely from u.k
    love himachal..
    lotsa memories..
    might not spend my life there but it will be alwaz in my heart..
    will go back for a month .after every 2/3 years..
    its beautiful there..beleive me..
    often..people are given false image og india..
    honest INDIA is developing and developing really fast..
    so try INDIA and HIMACHAL for holiday this year..
    u’ll love the experience..

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