February 2009 My Himachal Maglet

Hello Friends,

We are very glad to successfully bring forth our third edition of Maglet for the month of February, 2009, the month with least days but not least happenings.

Himachal got its first IIT and trout fish production made a comeback to the state. To embarrass the name of the state the 2009 official diaries carried an unauthorised map of the country which disown Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin as part of India, though it was a mistake but not too small to be ignored. The issue remained a hot topic till centre and later with chargesheet against the concerned officials and their apologies threw water on the fire.

Ooops! I should leave something for you to read also, so friends for more articles from My Himachal Blog download, print or read online this version of February Maglet.

Thanks Avnish and Raman for compiling and designing, respectively, this issue of Maglet.

Click here for PDF file.

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