CPI(M) to expose congress – BJP in Himachal polls – Kuldip Tanwar

dronkarshadShimla: Shedding all inhibitions about toeing the congress line in the hill state, Communist Party of India (Marxists) have decided to strike out on their own and expose both congress and BJP in the elections by questioning their shifting stances over major issues confronting the people.

Talking to the media Kuldip Singh Tanwar, CPI(M) state committee member said, the social sector delivery system was being systematically targeted by both parties.

BJP more than congress was keen to pass on health and education sectors predominantly to the private sector, he said. Higher education was being converted into an education shop, he added.

Government hospitals in Mandi, Hamirpur and Una were marked for attachment with private sector Greenfield medical colleges projects. Health centres were being converted into money collection centres thorough ‘Rogi Kalyan Samitis’. The governmtent hand over Vivekanand Trust hospital and proposed medical college to the private sector on a platter, said Tanwar.

The party which has put up a lone candidate for the Mandi parliamentary seat would release a state manifesto that would raise issues which confront the state, said Tikender Panwar, president Kisan Sabha.

Government by both parties have encroached upon the forest rights of the people. While the governments have failed to restore timber distribution rights of the natives, permission is granted by turning a blind eye for felling 10,000 trees in Nichar belt of Kinnaur for laying a transmission line to a private company, he said.

Tanwar pointed out that the government had back tracked on clearing up the monkey menace as the sterilization program was only a eye-wash to hoodwink the people. For  wildlife management, if animals outnumber the holding capacity of a certain habitat, scientific culling is a worldwide practice but both BJP and congress maintain a convenient  silence on it, he said.

On the occasion, the party also launched a website www.vote4dronkarshad.org to highlight their programs and policies in the ensuing elections.

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