Advanced Communication amenities, one big reason for Choice Marriages?

girl on talkShimla: Have you noticed, the number of Choice marriages or you can say Love Marriages is increasing day by day. If you remember Choice marriage was a rare case in the times of our grand-parents, then the number slightly increased in the times of our parents and today to amaze our grannies arranged marriages are becoming a rare affair.

Has anyone thought what could be the reason? The freedom, education, society, outlook, the understanding, late marriage and social awareness are few reasons for it but the facility of long communication whether through internet or mobile phone is another big reason as it gives you more time to spend with the person and know him/her better.

During late nineteenth century telephones were introduced to India and somewhere in early twentieth century i.e. 1913-14, Shimla got its First Automatic Exchange installed. There were telephones but they were fixedline/ landlines, which did give people a source of communication but the amount of privacy was less for being fixed in a room whether in the rooms of their parents or in the main hall of the house.

In late twentieth century mobile phones were introduced to India and it became one best source of communication among people. Mobile facility and so many different free schemes gave opportunity to love-struck-hearts for long talks. These long talks proved beneficial to know a person better and take biggest decision of their lives.

Nehar says, “ Four years back Bhanu proposed me on cellphone, and we gave time to understand each other, though it was maximum on phone as he was in Mumbai and I in Shimla. After three fine years of communication, one final day we decided to tie knots and today, here we are a happily married couple.”

Along with, mobile phones even Internet has contributed a lot to Choice marriages. Online chat programs, webcam, social networking websites, etc. halove marriageve opened doors to know more people beyond any boundaries. I’ve seen many couples getting married after having an online relationship.

Thus, we can see how the communication sector has changed over times to make its advanced contribution towards more love marriages.

I don’t say advanced communication amenities are the only reason for growing number of choice marriages but yes, it is one of the biggest reasons for them. It is also the change in the viewpoint of the people and modernisation of the society.

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  1. says: Rajneesh


    The reason for choice marriages simply can be seen as a fact that people today like to take responsibility towards their decisions. If they find someone suitable, then they are willing to take that as a personal choice, its a kind of maturity which was not prevelant in earlier days.

    Though girls/guys get entangled with relationships but upto some extent they still seek their parental support in looking/arranging spouses for themselves. The reason is simple that they like to have responsibility shared with that arrangement.

    And technology of course has added a new flavour in bridging the gap with relationships. It is both helpful as well as destructive towards human relationships. The privacy of interpersonal communication is sometimes exploited and people take nagative advantage out of that. Orkut, is the biggest example of this as it is making instant connections within different communities but also destryoing the essense of relationship that is based on trust and privacy. So we have to digest whatsoever technology brings !!!

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