Mandhal ki Behdwaan: Healthiest Food for Anyone

Mandhal ki Behdwaan: Healthiest Food for Anyone

“Aloo ke paranthas” or “Maah ki Behdwaan” both would surely water anyones mouth.

“Aloo ke paranthe ho ya Maah ki dal ki Behdwaan, muh mein kiske pani nahi aayega sun kar?” (Whose mouth won’t water to hear the names of potato stuffed chappaties or black lentil stuffed fried chappaties?)

If your mouth has started watering then here I am to disappoint you a little and remind you of your health. No wonder this instruction is not for all but today’s recipe can be eaten by almost all whether suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. I’m not talking about Aloo ke paranthe or Maah ki Behdwaans but I’m talking about “Madhal Ki Behdwaan”.

Mandhal ki Behdwaan cooking

Mandhal or Koda is one of the healthiest grains, which people have almost eliminated from their diet. It is useful for many diseases like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, cholesterol problem and many other diseases.

Therefore, for your health learn how to make Mandhal ke Behdwaan.


Mandhal flour: One bowl

Boiled Arbi (Colocasia): 3-4 roots

Oil for spreading on tawa before placing roties


Jeera (Cumin)

Ajwain (Oregano)

Coriander Powder as well as chopped green leaves

Green Chilli finely chopped

Salt to tatse

Mandhal ki Behdwaan


Like we knead corn flour to make roties similarly, knead Mandhal flour and keep it aside. Then prepare stuffing for the roties by mashing boiled Arbi roots and adding all the spices according to taste.

Make round ball of kneaded flour and then flatten it little. Place the stuffing on top of the flattened ball of flour and close it to the middle by folding all the edges. Make a ball again and then flatten it to a bigger size of roti.

Brush oil on hot tawa, place this roti/ Behdwaan on it and cook the roti from both sides.

Serve hot with butter, pickle or glass of lassi. Choice is yours!

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  1. says: Ankur Vashist

    I have already heard of Mendhal, but I am not able to find it. Could you please tell me the botanical name of the Mandhel so that it will become easy for me to search it.
    Or can you suggest that from where I can buy Mendhal for tasting the above mentioned delicious recipy posted by you.

    Ankur Vashist

  2. says: sonam yiga

    sounds like this ‘mandhal’ is very healthy diet..would love to try tat ,can u plz tell me the english name of it? it made out of any lentils??

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