Awaz Pahadan Di: Episode 4



Welcome to our own podcast “Awaz Pahadan di” Episode 4. Thank you very much for your comments for the last episode.

This episode brings to you Part II of the Interview with “Anuj Sharma” the Indian Idol sensation. Anuj has been the only Himachali to make it to the top three contestants of the singing talent hunt in India. Since then he has performed on small and large platforms not only in India but also abroad. In this part of the interview you will learn more about his personal life, making of a singer and his rise to fame. This episode besides interview will also feature some Pahadi and hindi songs like “Teriyan Dhara O Banglu Pawana”, ” Chandan Sa Badan” and “Nainoon Ki Mat Maniyo Re” We promise to keep you entertained so do not forget to subscribe to the podcast or come back for the next episode.

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  1. says: Rita

    The wait is over, so nice to hear about ANUJ & his experiences …he really has very sweet voice.

    Thanks for Himachal team for providing the wonderful interview.

    God bless him for his album.

  2. says: Avnish Katoch

    Once again such a wondeful feeling to hear Anuj’s voice. So true that for Himachal music proper Indian music education is lacking. We have some great voices, wonderful lyrics and such a sweet music but its not progressing because foundation is not there.

    While watching current Sa Re Ga Ma, I was just amazed at the quality in voice and in depth knowledge of singers, but the main reason, most of them are under the guidance of some amazing gurus.

    I wish some day there is proper education and system in place to train our singers as well as music writers.

    After all some of wonderful tunes in Bollywood are taken from sweet Pahari music.

    Dr. Kashyap, may be something for you to do in coming years! And I hope we all with your able knowledge and guidance, together can do something about this.

  3. says: sudarshan kumar

    Once again it is great to hear Dr Des and Anuj in this episode of podcast. Thanks to Des that we are getting to know more and more about himachali music, music lovers and of course music talent. Keep it up.

  4. Congratulations to MH Team for bringing yet another episode of Himachali Music.
    They are doing gr8 job promoting Himachali music……
    Dr. Des has done a wonderful job.
    and Anuj’s voice is really very sweet.

  5. says: jaideep lath

    it was early morning in holland and i was listening awaz pahadan di,the melody sung by Anuj sharma brings me closer to my culture from where i hails from.I am also listening the interview with Anuj sharma and his excellent experience in indian music world.I wish Anuj sharma a successful carrier in indian music world.

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