Til-Chowli- A Lohri special recipe

Lohri festival is very famous for its celebration with Til-Chowli instead of tradition sweets. Til-chowli is mostly made at home and not available commercially in shops. Without making Til-chowli, the celebrations of Lohri are incomplete. So Guys, here we present a recipe for making Til Chowli. You guys should try it out and then give your feedback to further improve upon this.


Sesame seed (Til) 1 Cup

Rice (Soaked for 2 hours) 1 Cup

Ground nut seeds (roasted and without salt) ¼ Cup

Desi Ghee 3-4 tsp

Dry fruits (optional)

Revadi (250 gm)

Sakkar (and not sugar), especially if one could get desi sakkar from the rural areas of himachal.

Roast sesame seeds in the kadai till color changes to light brown. Now heat desi ghee in a pan and put the soaked rice in it and roast the same for 5 minutes or till the rice become soft. Now roast groundnuts separately in ghee.

Take a new bowl and mix all the ingredients like roasted rice, sesame seeds, ground nuts, revadis and dry fruits. Add sakkar (to your taste) and serve this as traditional “Til-chowli” dish of Lohri festival.

Thanks to Mr Vivek Sharma for contributing towards this. He is Masters in computer applications, currently looking for a job and can be contacted at [email protected]. He has a deep interest in devising new types of vegetarian recipes trying them out to give new flavours.

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