Rs. 715 cr approved for Shimla Water Supply Scheme

Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal disclosed that Planning Commission of India has approved the proposal of the State Government to undertake Rs. 715 crore Pabbar River gravitational Water Supply Scheme for Shimla town through External Aided Projects ( EAP) funding and meet water supply for over three decades.

He said that the town had witnessed immense increase in population during past one decade and available water supplies were falling short of requirements of the people while additionally thousands of people had been visiting the town for one reason or the other every day which had put additional pressure on the water supply schemes. He said that the feeding schemes were augumented periodically and yet the supplies had fallen short of requirements. He said that the State Government had requisitioned the services of WAPCOS for undertaking feasibility study to construct gravitational water supply scheme for the town and solve water woes of the residents for long time to come.

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