Yogesh Lakhani wins Shimla Motorcycle Challenge

Shimla: The final round of the Shimla Motorcycle Challenge 2008 got off this morning though Sundeep Kumar from Delhi high-sided on his way to the venue while his buddy Dheeraj Kumar Singh decided to pull out to be with him.

Lap 1 started at 10:23 hrs as Yogesh Lakhani, the winner of the Raid de Himalayas-two wheeler category maintained his dominance ending the lap with fastest time of 10:36, followed by Rajan Sidhu with 10:46 and

Chirag Thakur at 10:51. Rupinder Singh with 10:53 and Aneesh Awasthi with 10:57 were the only other riders to post a sub-eleven minute time.

In the same lap itself, Vivek Arora’s nasty fall on the downhill tarmac resulted in him being evacuated and out of competition. Lap 2 saw Aneesh Awasthi stall his bike due to an electrical failure just a km from the start giving a good chance to Lakhani to maintain his dominant position in a lap that saw most of the riders going slower than in the first Lap.

Lap 3 saw Yogesh and Rajan racing neck to neck which was a feast for any adventure sport follower. At the end of the lap, Rajan set a time of 10:49 while Aneesh Awasthi set the fastest time for the Lap at 10:36 to tie with Yogesh for the fastest lap.

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