Centre to relocate submerged Bilaspur Temples

The news of relocation of 12 of the 28 submerged temples of Bilaspur into the Gobind Sagar lake Bhakra Dam reservoir has come as a delight to the locals.

Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal today, revealed this on receipt of a communication from Ambika Soni, Union Minister for Tourism and Culture that these temples would be trans-located as national importance monuments by the Archeological Survey of India.

He added that he had raised the matter with the Union Minister for Tourism and Culture to honour the devotional sentiments of the residents of Bilaspur town and adjoining villages who had been demanding the relocation of their temples at appropriate place to maintain their heritage and continue with the worshiping practice of their deities.

He said that out of the total 28 temples submerged into the water 12 were of great archeological importance belonging from 8th to 19th century A.D period.

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