Mock Drill in Shimla

Shimla: Shimla and Kangra being under high sensitive zone have been selected for mock drill on earthquake to deal with such situation to check the response of first responders and evacuation of casualties and injured to the nearest medical institutions by National Disaster management Authority (NDMA) of India, said J.S.Rana, Deputy Commissioner Shimla.

Civil and Military Agencies would carry out the relief and rescue operations in Sanjauli area between 1 to 2 PM and Lower Bazar between 2.30 to 3.30 PM on 8th November 2008 in Shimla.

He further added that some areas in the town may have to be blocked for vehicular traffic to carry out the mock drill operation.

Rana requested the people for their cooperation and to remain calm seeing ambulances, fire brigades and other rescue material and teams. There would be power and water disconnection etc. and dummies casualties and fake injured persons, he said.

This mock drill would help the people, NGOs and Govt. & military and para military forces to be prepared and coordinate the rescue operations in hazardous situations.

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