Protesting Himachal PTA Teachers To Hold Talks With Education Minister

Shimla: Protesting PTA teachers are to hold talks with education minister ID Dhiman on Friday and try and resolve the matter of removing them from the educational institutions where they are serving.

Vivek Mehta, president PTA teachers said that a five member delegation would meet the education minister on Friday evening and try to resolve the contentious issues about stability of PTA teachers serving in the educational institutions.

He said that one government appointing PTA teachers and other government dismissing them belied the concept of continuity in governance concept. “We are also scheduled to meet the home secretary,” said Mehta.

Should there be not outcome from the talks we have decided to intensify the stir and launch district level protests from 27th October, the PTA president said.

While the teachers have been protesting to protect their jobs, the state government maintains that no PTA teacher has been sacked and only the grants in aid handed out by the government to such teachers who are alleged to have violated appointment norms stand withdrawn.

Education minister ID Dhiman recently claimed before media persons that no PTA teacher had been removed. He said that regular teachers would replace PTA teachers in due course and their services would not be regularized into government jobs.

He said that grants in aid to people against who the government had received complaints had been stopped and in case the concerned PTA wanted to continue with their services, they would need to meet the salary payments from their own funds.

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