NABARD sanctions 155 crore for poly houses

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) sanctioned 154.92 crores for the construction of 16,500 poly houses all over the state within next four years period, revealed by Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, the Chief Minister today.

14,70,200 square meters of farm land had been targeted to be brought under the precision farming practice by constructing poly houses over the same, where off season vegetables and other cash crops could also be cultivated. The project would be generating direct employment to 4,000 rural artisans and 6,000 self-employment avenues to the educated rural youth, thereby benefitting the 10 thousand people in all.

He further said that the State Government had targeted soil testing of one lakh farmers by the closure of current financial year as the department had already tested soil of about 60 thousand farmers in different parts of the state. He announced that the scientists of CSK University of Agriculture, Palampur and Central Agriculture Research Institute were carrying exhaustive research in the farm sector and time had come to implement the outcome of the research in the farms, so that optimum utilization of the limited farm holdings was ensured.

He appealed to the farmers of the state to take benefit of the scheme and get themselves registered with the Department of Agriculture as also obtain the technical details for implementation of the project. He said that the project was bound to bring about sea change in the economy of the farmers in coming time.

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