Bumpy ride on national highway

KUMARHATTI: Even as repair work was on, the Kalka-Shimla national highway has turned out to be a nightmare for motorists thanks to its very pathetic condition. The condition of highway has gone from bad to worse in past four months thanks to heavy rain and passing of apple laden trucks on large scale.

The highway condition has also worsened near the roadside dhabhas and eating points where their owners and workers used to throw water on road quite often. Similarly the road has also borne the burnt near natural sources along the highway where trucks and other utilities vehicles stopped for cleaning purpose.

Ironically it was unusually bitter welcome to Dev Bhomi for motorists at Parwanoo where after crossing the most painful traffic jam packed stretch between Pinjore to Kalka they witnessed road full of potholes and cracks.

The potholes never allowed the motorists to drive smoothly even for five minutes. The bad condition of road at blind curves were really dangerous as on many occasions the motorists to avoid themselves from big potholes ignore the traffic coming from opposite direction.

The condition of highway particularly near Sanwara and between Dharampur to this town has deteriorated badly in quite past time. These stretches have potholes galore whose sizes were increasing with the passage of each day.

At Sanwara the hub of roadside dhabas, the road has broken at many places. One has to face bumpy drive while crossing through the Sanwara. Similarly from Dharampur onward till this town the bad condition of road forced motorists to move at snail pace.

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  1. says: NITYIN

    You ain’t seen anything baby….

    Try and make the journey from Shimla onwards to Narkanda on the same NH. Firstly the roads are in even worse condition in Shimla town. Both roads from Victory Tunnel diversion, to Lakkar Bazaar and via Chotta Shimla are in a complete state of mess. The bypass road via Tutti Kandi is no better. The Dhalli tunnel is a completely without any tarring and the residents have no idea about the much touted new Sanjouli bypass as the opening of this road is being postponed indefinately.

    Beyond Dhalli tunnel the highway is a dusty track till Narkanda full of crater sized potholes. The motorist deserve a gold medal finding there way through Kufri, Theog, Matiana and Shilaru. The PWD after widening the road between Nanni in Mataiana in Kandiali near Narkanda have left the road at its mercy. The road was widened last year but the debris are lying on the road. It is a eye wash to say that the road is in bad condition because of the rains and apple trucks, It is because of the apathy of the mighty PWD. Were PWD personal not paid any salaries during this period?

    This road is not fit for any form of motor vehicles to ply. Only bullock carts seems to be the best possible alternative.

    Hail.. the Lords.. our Masters.. all rise..!!

  2. says: RKS

    Life of the tarred road is not dependent on rains but the poor engineering and dishonest practices. Landslides at some portion may be termed as rain damages but the overall condition is due to the great nexus between PWD engineers and contractors, which compromise on the quality of work. The commission culture between them is a known reality for years. Moreover, the most of engineers in Himachal are mainly the products of Karnataka, Chennai, Mumbai etc., graduated with capitation fees. To expect good results from such a stuff is a foolish thing.
    In urban areas, the main cause of damaged roads is frequent digging by the telecommunication companies. Though the PWD is made richer by resultant compensations, the long official procedures of tenders, spoils the entire road in the meantime. All such companies should be allowed to do the expansions in one or two months that should be fixed by the government in advance.
    We really want some serious and specific policy to avoid such frequent inconveniences. When the beurocracy is confined to their residential lines only, it is the first duty of our representatives to set the system right. No excuse for them.

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