Marketing strageties for Kullu Kiwi disappoints cultivators

Shimla: Cultivators of Kiwi fruit in Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh are disappointed by the poor marketing strategies, which they blame to have been leading to spoil there business.

Farmers say that three out of four steps of producing Kiwi are very well accomplished by them i.e. plantation, protection and production but the last step of marketing disturbs them. They also point out that people are not very familiar with the fruit and its benefits, therefore, it calls for good marketing strategies to popularize the fruit among people and increase its consumership.

The kiwi orchards, spread across 30 hectares of land, produce more than 150 tons of kiwi fruit every year.

Moreover, Kiwi falls under the category of one of the costliest fruits. It was the high price of the fruit that attracted many farmers to its cultivation.

But in the recent times, the prices have dropped. Though the horticulture department holds a hope and says that it would help the farmers explore new markets and improve the marketing policies.

Himachal Pradesh earns more than 2.5 billion rupees from cultivation of fruits and vegetables.


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