IAS officer Subhash Ahluwalia arrested

Shimla: Senior IAS officer Subhash Ahluwalia was arrested from Haryana, in connection with a disproportionate assets case.

Ahluwalia had been the private secretary to former chief minister Virbhadra Singh. Himachal Pradesh vigilance bureau had questioned Subhash Ahluwalia, along with his wife, Meera, a number of times about his sources of income since Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government came to power in January this year. The bureau had also asked details from Ahluwalia about any foreign remittances received by him from his children, who are working in the US.
As per the sources, during the recent raids at Ahluwalia’s residence, a lot of documents, including several fixed deposit receipts, bank papers and shares were found.

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  1. says: Dr.C.L.Dileep

    Dear Sir,
    Unless the culprit is severely punished these things will go on and on. This is what we all have seen over the decades. A corrupt officer goes on perpetrating his acts of impropriety under the powerful patronage of the equally corrupt Chief Minister and this goes on till the next elected Government takes over. Then there is an unending investigation and the public memory being short, the matter also slips out in course of time. I really wish the present Vigilance Department to brood no delay and see that the ‘culprit’ is behind bars.

    I remember when once I had been to his office requesting for an appoinntment with the CM
    ( for informing about the swindling of ” public money ” by Dr.N.C.Rao, Principal of HP Govt Dental College, Shimla ( brother of E& T Minister Mr. Rangila Ram Rao ) he flatly refused to grant an appointment and that I may stand in the ” public darshan ” queue at the CM’s residence if I wanted to !!!!!

    May the holy DEV BHOOMI be saved of these corrupt thieves and thugs. Jai Himachal.

  2. says: Rajesh Rajore

    Unfortunately this has become a precedance of the successive Parties which come to power; be it BJP or Congress.

    The political scenario has stooped to a level where personal rivalaries have dominated and the core issues are at the back burner. In this precipitation of new development a positive factor has been whipped out. That factor is the exposure of corrupt to a great level if not fully. For, when there is smoke, there has to be fire. Mr. Ahluwalia’s is such case; not to forget Mr. Katyal , former HP State Civil Services officer, who was chased and brought to book by the previous government. Political “compulsions” drove the present government to chase someone of the same “callibure”.

    The good thing is that civil servants with shady persona have been brought to face us-the masses.

    This will certainly caution the others who are or still trying to be in the garb of such officers. My request to them is that Himachal is a state which is on the threshhold of development, to focuse on the issues which can speed up the process. Please be receptive to the ideas which will bring much neeeded prosperity to the state.

  3. says: Dr. J.B.Toteja

    I agree with both the comments given above. Any person who has been involved in such acts should be put behind the bars. But let me ask you guys who so ever is reading these comments and the news, is it not the same every time the government or power is changed??
    What happened to those people who were booked when Congress was in power? Is our politics a “TIT for TAT” because you did it with one of our official and its now time one of you will be suffering.

    Are all the politicians’ kids? Or are they trying to find out by booking these officials what and how did the CM (Congress or BJP) whom they were serving has made all the money and to face off him in front of media / public so that next time people don’t give their vote? This makes the work easy for the party which is in power! Oh i know many people reading this will say or at least beneath inside them the voice will say “yeah, it’s all about the vote, or “kuch bhi kursi ke liye” and that leads me to conclude that everything is being influenced by the CM or the party in power; may it be media, police or whatever.

    According to media or let me say according to the party in power, the news is shown. I always believe that there are 2 sides of the coin and hence there are 2 stories, media showed the one side, but where is the 2nd half. Why we (public) forgets or doesn’t care about the other part and its true because none of us are going through it and that applies for me too.

    How many people agree with me?

    I was reading this article http://www.tribuneindia.com/2008/20081014/himachal.htm#10 where the President of the Shiromani Akali Dal (A) Simranjit Singh Mann said that it’s an inhuman approach of the authorities as they were interrogating Subhash and Meera Ahluwalia in the hospital where he has been admitted after his arrest for blood pressure and sugar level fluctuations. I saw 5 minutes news on PTC channel where they are showing Mr. Ahluwalia going through a MRI scan and due to his blood pressure they were not able to conduct the same. This is the violation of human rights, don’t you think? I have been working in the government and corporate for more than 40 + years and I have given my life to my JOB and now the same job is taking my life?

    The only question I ask you and myself too, IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? Or should I just say with the economic crisis everywhere JOB is Jackass of BOSS.

  4. says: Vishal Pandey`

    It is unfortunate that highly educated and successful persons like Shri Subash Ahluwalia should stoop to do such things.What is more surprising that once he indulged in such activities he did not take due care to cover up their tracks.It just shows that once power comes one loses all perspective of right or wrong.Now he will stay in jail for an extended period ,his prestige and respect in society will vanish.The very Policemen who used to salute him will now shove him around.Surely nothing can compensate for what lies before him now ,no amount of money can now deliver him from the shame that stares him in the face,nothing will ever be able to bring back his glory days.

  5. says: Vishal Aggarwal

    Vishal, I have a difference of opinion with what you wrote, do you think at this level there would be any person so stupid, if he/she has done somethings and they will not put much efforts to hide it?

    I personally think as you wrote “highly educated and successful persons like Shri Subash Ahluwalia” if he would have done something of this scale, he would have definitely taken a double effort to cover / hide it. I think there is something missing. Either he is very stupid or media is projecting something wrong and you will agree with me that media is influenced by the party in power.

    So I will say before criticizing we should look at full facts and figures and as Dr. J.B.Toteja above wrote which makes me laugh “OPINIONS ARE LIKE ARM PITS, EVERY ONE HAS 2 AND THEY BOTH STINK!!!”

    Take Care!

  6. says: ksthakur

    The ******** engineers of HP state electricity board are amassing huge amount of bribe from Industrialiest for getting new power connection,extra load sanction,peak load sanction.No work is being done without paying bribe.
    Why vigilance deptt.is not putting a trap to nab the concerned.
    There is a huge corruption in all other Govt.offices but we read very few cases where in corrupt people are caught.

  7. says: Arvind Kanwar

    its very unfortunate what is happening with mr Subhash Ahluwalia. he is very noble person i have ever seen all the officers. i never seen such cordial person … i dont believe that such person wil be involved in such case. It looks like all political drama.
    even all investigation failed to prove any illigal activities against him.

    according to me innocent should not be suffered for politics ………………….thankds

  8. says: J.K. Sharma

    Govt. servant should serve the public honestly. If we are given higher responsibilities we must discharge them more honestly. It is with the God’s blessings that one gets a chance to serve others. The persons sittings on the seats of authority, should have courage to deliver justice to the public, because they are capable in implementing the Govt. policies meant for general public. There is a democracy and an official sitting on a high status seat must know his duties and accountability. Govt. officials should work for the welfare of the general public rather than to please his bosses. I have heard young generation saying that ‘Kya hota hai achha bura’ and that “If we have money and power, every thing can be managed”. They quote many persons of high profile involved in corruption and made huge wealth. New generation hardly compromise to listen the characters of great personalities. Even new generation entering the politics least listen the examples of great honest leaders. They say that “Sab Chalta Hai”. We elders have to think seriously for moral devaluation. There should be a tress for moral education in every educational institutions. Honest people must be recognized and rewarded irrespective of class, category and political alliances. We must leave behind something good for our future generation.

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