Himachal CPI(M) For Government Medical College In Mandi

Shimla:Communist Party of India (Marxists) has extended its support to a demand for a government medical college in Mandi.

Terming the state governments decision to cancel a sanctioned medical college in the government sector for Mandi as ‘shocking’, Tikender Panwar, member state secretariat claimed that besides BJP, 50 mass based organization have extended their support for the cause.

A relay chain hunger strike for reversing the government decision entered the 10th day on Wednesday.

Panwar stated, “BJP, a party wedded to neo-liberal polices. is hell bent upon opening medical colleges in the private sector because it intends to hand over running government hospitals to the private sector under the garb of green projects.”

No minister or government official has tried to mediate and talk to the protesting citizens of Mandi demanding a government medical institution, he said.

The party has already decided to hand over 3 government hospitals to the private entrepreneurs who to open medical colleges in Mandi, Una and Hamirpur.

“It is a precursor towards complete privatisation of the medical services in the state,” the Communist Party of India (Marxists) warned.

As Editor, Ravinder Makhaik leads a team of media professionals at Hill Post. Spanning a career of over two decades in mass communication, as a Documentary Filmmaker, TV journalist, Print Media journalist and with Online & Social Media, he brings with him a vast experience. He lives in Shimla.

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  1. says: kumarmanglam

    The Britishers anexed India looted it , did no social work , left it for missionaries who softened India and enticed them into Xtianity.

    In Free India though Govt opened hospitals, dispenseries,rural health centres but corrupt docs
    did nothing to go and work there and lft them at mercy of missionaries again who did conversions.
    So its better if privaticed so that people get health facilities.


    I am touched and appreciate you endorsing the vicious circle this missionary have created, I call it SILENT INVASION OF INDIA unlike Jehadis who use bomb blasts to devast , invade india making Hindus defensive and helpless which is further aggravated by politicians singing hymns for minorities at cost of hurting Hindus.We love Xtians and Mulims but What is Missionary and Jehadis Doing in India? By whom are they funded? What is their motive? There are Millions of poor Xtians in Europe, America and Poor Muslims in Arabia and Muslim world But WHY ARE THEY FUNDING INDIA Missionaries??

    Only one reason to weaken India and INVADE India . Do these misionaries do any Charity work in their countries ? NO . Their only slogan is ” REACH THE UNREACHED.The poor , vulnerable Indians become their victims who in temptation of taking help sell their soul to these missionaries. The CHEAPEST WAR , No bombs , planes required to Invade India, With just a bible and Few blankets etc,army of poor nun to run the show. The sheer cowardice of western Xtians who cannot fight war created , bombs, atom bombs, digital warfare, pilotless planes to invade countries. But cheapness of all is to used Bible and nuns in guise of missionaries in their devil designs to Invade India and taught hatred to converts to divide India.

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