Gandhigiri for Kaithu prisoners

[lang_en]Shimla: To mark the International Non-Violence Day on Gandhi Jyanti, Delhi Kala Gram, a NGO working with prisoners spent the day at Kaithu jail and gifted inmates’ television sets and books for the library.

Saroj Vashist, general secretary Delhi Kala Gram said that all the inmates were given the books Gandhiji Ki Sooktiyaan and Satya Ke Paryog. Two television sets gifted by filmmaker Rama Pandey were also handed over to the jail authorities for the use of the prisoners, she said.

The prisoners have also been given writing paper and asked to pen down their feeling and experiences which Kala Gram will publish in a book form, said Vashist. “We have already published four such books about experiences and feelings expressed by prisoners at Tihar, Kanda and Shimla jails”, she said.

Theater personality Amla Rai who accompanied Vashist taught theatre exercises to the prisoners explaining how they help to maintain sanity.

Amitaabh Gosh, another member of the Kala Gram group, on the occasion spoke about how to keep going in adverse situations and face the world.

To everybody’s participation, Ghandiji’s bhanjans were also sung on the occasion.[/lang_en]

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