Congress breaks ground to challenge BJP in Hamirpur

Shimla: Preparing to pin BJP in its bastion Hamirpur in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, congress today weaned away Narinder Thakur who is a son of late BJP leader Thakur Jagdev Chand.

On joining congress Thakur said, “There is much resentment within BJP as it has stopped functioning in a democratic manner.”

He said that polices of the congress led UPA government were proving affective and had a bearing on making a decision to join the party.

“Internally though many BJP leader agreed with the way Prime Minister Manmohan Singh handled and secured the nuclear deal but few have the courage to come forth and acknowledge it in public,” he said.

With Lok Sabha election around the corner, he denied that he had dumped his old party for opportunistic reasons.

“I’m leaving a party which has come to power only nine months back. Should that have been the reason I would have bid my time and quit at the term end,” said Thakur.

Announcing Narinder Thakur’s entry into congress, party president Kaul Singh Thakur said many senior BJP leaders were feeling suffocated in a set up that had come under family control.

“There are other leaders also who have expressed their desire to join our party,” said Kaul Singh. “In principal entry of Karan Singh who was a minister in the earlier BJP government into congress has been decided upon, he added.

The congress president claimed that senior BSP leaders were also keen to join congress.

Denying that Thakur had been taken into the party as a prospective candidate to fight the Lok Sabha election, Kaul Singh said, “Narinder Thakur joining the congress has been unconditional.”

He claimed that congress was preparing to wrest the lone Lok Sabha seat that BJP held in the state.

Hamirpur is the home district of chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and the parliamentary segment is represented by Anurag Thakur who is the son of the chief minister.

Interestingly while Narinder Thakur has washed his hands off a party that his father nourished all his life, his sister-in-law Urmil Thakur is a sitting BJP legislator.

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  1. says: anshuman rana

    This is very good that Narinder Thakur had finally decided to fight with dhumal by any way or any party. The ideology of bjp in himachal died along with Legendry Thakur Jagdev Chand, Dhumal has hijacked the party since then he is chief minister by chance in 1998 not by his will, will in Mr. Dhumal??? a nice joke. Everybody used to call him ‘Professor’ who gave him this status without Phd without any govt. post. I wish the removal of his dark rule soon now,
    keep it up we are with you Thakur.

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