Tentacles of corruption have Himachal too in its grip:- Transparency International

[lang_en]Transparency International rates Himachal as “Moderately corrupt”.

Himachal Pradesh, blessed with stunning natural beauty, is a major tourist attraction. It has fairly impressive infrastructure in place and its economy is largely agriculture-dependent. The state also has mega hydro-electric projects.

The tentacles of corruption have Himachal too in its grip: the TI survey says it is ‘Moderately Corrupt.’

Rediff article.

Can we introduce strict laws to discourage the corruption and try to become a society with least corruption and lead this country.

Unless the corrupt people/officers/politicians are severely punished, this disease of corruption will only help us to surpass Bihar which is standing at the top in the list of most corrupt states in India. We should try to emulate China in dealing with corruption.[/lang_en]

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