BJP takes on Congress for its ‘wrong’ support to PTA in Himachal

[lang_en]Shimla: The BJP today said that congress had not learnt a lesson form its electoral defeat by supporting wrong causes over just ones as it decided to extend support for the wrongful recruitment of teachers done by Parent Teacher Associations over debating of restoring an industrial package for the state which the central government had initially agreed to.

Randhir Sharma, BJP spokesman said the congress even in defeat was not working for the states interest and was involved in protecting petty interests, which it had forced upon the system through a back door recruitment process.

When chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal moved a resolution in the house on the closing day of the monsoon session about impressing upon the central government to get the industrial package extended to 2013, hoping that it would be supported by the opposition, they choose to abstain, he said.

The industrial package for hill states was handed out by the previous NDA government under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but the present UPA government has diluted it to such an extent that the state has not got any real benefits from it, said the BJP spokesman.

Instead of strengthening the governments demand to get the package extended to it original term, the opposition outside the Vidhan Sabha reached out to stand by PTA teachers who are facing inquiries for not having been recruited on merit basis but on being handed out jobs on other considerations.

Supporting the governments stance about winding up of State Administrative Tribunal, he said that the decision would help to reduce the financial burden of the state. Sharma claimed the decision was in the interest of employees as none had opposed it so far, nor had anyone made a representation against it.

Taking at a dig at the opposition, the spokesman said that the congress was a divided house for despite a new state president having been appointed about 2 months ago, they were unable to form a working committee even.[/lang_en]

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  1. says: Rivesh

    History will not forgive the leadership of Virbhadra for destroying the basic structure of education in Himachal. He was only interested in counting the numbers of institutions whose foundations were laid by him. Now what a petty politics all congressmen are playing. It is the height of politics that they are supporting PTA teachers outside assembly building whom they exploited like hired bonded laborers on the advise of clever beurocrates who only see education as the soft target for fiscal frugality and keeping the resources flowing for their luxuries.

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