DEVBHOOMI – an exhibition Of Himachal landscapes by S.K. Shinde

An exhibition of landscapes by veteran artist S.K. Shinde who hails from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh would take place at the modern Art Exhibition Hall of the International Roerich Memorial Trust Museum, Naggar in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The exhibition would kick off on 28-9-2008 at 4’O clock and would continue till 5th October.

Born on 7th of September, 1932 Shinde Sambhaji Rao Krishna Rao completed his M.A. in drawing and painting in 1980. He has learnt painting from the old master D.D. Deolalikar of Madhya Pradesh while he mastered techniques of Fresco painting and mural art.

Winner of several awards like Bombay State Exhibition, 1958 and All India Kalidas Exhibition, 1959, 60 & 61, he is a name popular for rich exhibitions since 1961.

One of the Indian artists who have a good experience and who is capable of working in any medium and genre, his creativity has stuck to landscapes for the last thirty years. The exhibition would however, only portray his work related to Himachal Pradesh.

His painting can be best described in the words of art critic-Suneet Chopra, “S.K. Shinde’s landscapes are works of a practiced eye that is capable of concentrating the wide variety of nature into a small space, without losing its panoramic quality. This he has done in this exhibition with very different elements: the mountains of the Himalayas, nooks and corners of Naggar and Kullu.

There is also a very sensitive study of the building of the Roerich Art gallery where he has worked for many years. Each one of these themes requires a separate treatment. The mountains are in cool colors and areas of light and shade, while the Kullu landscapes often present vibrant contrasts of red and green or more subdued compositions in blues, grays and greens, reflecting a sharp eye for color.”

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