Now, dust storms hits maize crop in Himachal

[lang_en]KUMARHATTI: The dust storm followed by showers has wrecked havoc on standing crop of maize of this area last evening. In some pockets, the damage was quite severe as the entire crop in fields has fallen flat. The tomato crop has also reportedly suffered adversely.

The dust storm has not only caused damage to maize crops but have also shattered the hopes of farmers to get healthy produce of maize. There were high expectation from maize crop after premature and heavy rainfall has baldy affected the produce of off-season cash crops in area.

The farmers were now on receiving end, thanks to the unfriendly weather conditions right from the start of summer season. Nothing was working well this time for agriculture, pointed out a farmer at Kabakalan village near here while showing the damaged maize crops in his fields.

The dust storm struck at the wrong time when the fruit just started to appear out, rued another farmer at Banasar village. There were little chances that the fallen crop would show sign of recovery, he lamented.
After the poor yield of tomato and capsicum, we were virtually relying on maize crop to fill the loss deficit to some extent, said a farmer of Bhojnagar area. But now it only losses nothing else, he rued.

In fact the summer this year has started on bad note, asserted a farmer of Chammu village. First the unprecedented weather conditions have affected the stone fruits and then came the turn of off-season cash crop and now the maize crop, he maintained.[/lang_en]

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