Himachal To Seek World Bank Funding For Shimla Water Supply Scheme – Dhumal

Shimla: The government was exploring the possibility of obtaining World Bank funding to give practical shape to the Rs 729 crore Pabbar gravity water supply scheme for meeting the growing water needs of the state capital, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said.

Speaking at a function organized by Shimla Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Association, on Monday evening, he said that detailed project report for a gravity water scheme for Shimla was under preparation.

Dhumal said that the state government was hopeful of getting the scheme financed by the World Bank authorities.

“We have cleared the scheme for seeking funding from the World Bank and are pursuing the project vigorously. Early approval would enable to get work started on priority which would be completed in a time bound manner,” said the chief minister.

A gravitational process would not require any power for pumping purposes. The project is being designed in such a manner that it would be possible to extend the lifespan of the 70 kilometer pipeline in such a manner that it could last for maximum time, he said.

Other than the Pabbar scheme the government was also contemplating a lift water supply scheme from Sutluj river. “The proposed scheme was estimated to cost Rs 275 crore in which water from Satluj would be lifted in stages to reach Shimla town,” he disclosed.

Water shortages had come about because the permanent and floating population had increased manifold and water sources feeding the existing schemes were drying up. The Giri water scheme had been successfully executed and it was being tested, said the chief minister. The scheme would be dedicated to the people of the town when it was declared fit for operation and safe and clean water was made available to the consumers, said Dhumal.

On the occasion the chief minister also disclosed that the government was contemplating liberalizing the route permit Act for vehicular movement on sealed and restricted roads. At the same time efforts were afoot to create more parking sites in the town and construct tunnels on priority to regulate the movement of traffic.

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