Himachal government to amend the Route Permits Act for Shimla

Shimla: In a meeting to review sealed and restricted road permits under the provision of the Route Permits Act, the state government has decided to amend the prevailing Act in order to liberalize and decentralize the same for the convenience of residents of the town.

He stated that the sanctity of Mall road would be preserved however; uniformity in the processing fee is essential for a better and effective system. He said that the government would consider decentralization of the permit issuance and declare Home Secretary, the designated authority to issue permit for the sealed roads and Secretary, HP Vidhan Sabha to issue permits, in accordance with the provisions of the Act to all the MLA’s while the Deputy Commissioner, Shimla and Commissioner, Municipal Corporation would issue permits for rest of the roads in the town. He also emphasized on the need of fixing a speed limit for the vehicles in the town.

The government also plans to install a toll barrier at the entrance at Sanjauli to IGMC to regulate vehicles while undertaking strict actions taken against those found guilty.

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