Continuous rains put a question mark on Himachal government’s preparedness

It rained continuously for six consecutive days in Shimla. They may be taken as a curse of some God or the global climate shift but they have definitely put a question mark on the preparedness of MC and PWD departments.

Havoc is what has been happening in the state since rains have continued to lash out on all the assurances given by the above-mentioned departments. Despite numerous promises, the state government has failed to protect the interests of farmers especially the apple growers for not only rains but to a large extent the landslides have left them without a hope. NH-22-one of the busiest highways of the state is being continuously reported with landslides affecting the commuters and leaving apple-laden trucks stranded in between nowhere causing financial losses. The same goes with the other highways of the state. Quality apples from upper reaches pf the state like Kinnaur haven’t even reached the markets due to terrible conditions of the roads.

Normal life in most parts of the state has been affected while areas like Rohru and Chopal were cut off from the state. Not only apples but loss of other crops like cabbage, maize is also inevitable. The telecom service was affected severely while most of the mobile service providers failed. Affected power supply left few of the areas in darkness for some continuous three days as uprooted trees and landslides snapped transmission lines at some places.

While the rains are forecasted to continue, it’s a pity the state officials seem doing nothing about it. Traffic jams have become a daily problem even for the local commuters. To top the situation, heavy silt and debris that have filled in the water sources for the town of Shimla have caused an acute water shortage again. Even the vegetable prices have suddenly shot up and there is no relief yet.

It is a sad state of affairs for the romance associated with rains has been overshadowed with the adversity they have brought leaving everyone in a despair.

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