Himachal government proposes Integrated Agriculture Project worth 500 crores to JBIC for funding

Himachal Pradesh government has posed an Integrated Agriculture Project worth 500 crores for funding to the Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) for implementation in technical collaboration with Japanese Government in the State to renew the agriculture sector and create additional income sources to the farmers.

Emphasizing on the governments commitment to diversify farming, Prof. P.K.Dhumal, the CM said that the project was one such step. He announced that the state government would be considering appropriate legislation to ensure the supply of quality seed to the agriculturists properly certified by the authorized agencies like ICAR, Agriculture University etc. while the supply of sub standard fertilizers and spurious pesticides and diseased seeds would be viewed seriously and strict action would be taken against the errants.

Asking the agriculture scientists to tour interiors of the state extensively and motivate farmers to adopt latest farming technology, he directed the field functionaries to maintain daily diary of their tour and submit the same to the next controlling authority for onward transmission to the State Government for evaluation. The state government would soon materialize a policy for preparation of vermin compost to be supplied to the farmers locally, in some places with Lantana, otherwise a weed, and in other places with alternate raw material.

The government also plans to sell and promote unique organic products under the banner of ‘Himachal Brand’.

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