Chadwick falls- leading to degradation?!

Often amidst a hectic, monotonous life our mind wanders in search of tranquility and solitude and for Shimlaities, who have Mother Nature providing for almost everything, it leads to places like Chadwick Falls which seem to take us back in the primitive times. 7 kilometers from Shimla and around 60 minutes walk from Summer Hill Chowk, the trail downhill is quite easy as you find yourself deeper and deeper in thick forests. One can either take a bus till to Summer Hill or hire a taxi as the later gives you the benefit of cutting the walk shorter by some 45 minutes. Connected through a narrow, kuccha path from the main trail one can hear gushing waters which fall from some1586 mts.

Majorly rainfed, the cascade comes alive during the monsoon season as the flora and fauna that surrounds the place gets thicker leaving it more exotic and ravishing. One can easily mark the difference between the levels of water as the marks on the stony walls enchant the tale. A number of temples dot the way while the panoramic view the place offers is incredible. The more adventurous ones can visit the villages near by for a bite from the rural life. On the way back, one may rest at the stony park that marks Glenn.

These falls of Shimla have been one of the major attractions for a number of tourists who visit Shimla every year. The Tourism authorities have left the spot unadulterated leaving it raw and rare however that as a factor has led to unchecked trash around especially the falls. From muncheon packets to empty beer bottles, the area around the falls speaks of a lot of garbage, indeed left by the visitors who enjoy the spectacular sights and leave their garbage besides. If the process continues, it won’t be many years down when the place would be full of heaps of garbage making it almost inaccessible for tourists.

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  1. says: Amitoj

    good article Neha,

    the human interventions in natural beauty is always harmful, chadwick fall is one of the most beautiful places in shimla, and its rawness makes it the best, but the amount of garbage spread here and there around the main waterfall is sickening.

    tourism authorities should take care of this problem… by performing regular garbage removal from the place… anyways above all its a beautiful place altogether…

    nicely done article…. n1 :))

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