New Delhi youth dies in mishap

KUMARHATTI: A youth was killed and another badly injured when their motorcycle (HR 70 9726) collided head on with a vehicle coming from opposite direction near Datiyar on Kalka-Shimla national highway about 22-km from here this evening.

The accident took place when the riders were trying to overtake a truck going uphill; as a result they weren’t able to notice a vehicle coming from opposite direction on a sharp curve. Jiten Mukeja (23) who was sitting pillion rider came under the impact of wheels of truck going alongside the motorcycle. He died at the spot. He hailed from Pritampura in New Delhi. Deepak Kumar (23) who hailed from Rohini near New Delhi was rushed to PGI, Chandigarh. He was later reportedly taken to Fortis Hospital, Mohali. They both were on their way to Shimla.

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  1. says: Rabi Kant Das

    The youth that has been killed in a tragic incident belonged to my office. Its a regular activity among the young co-workers of mine to go out on trips on weekends.

    Its a nice way fo passing the weekend. But while is going on a trip (Specially Bike), I would rather suggest them to be extra careful. There is no harm in being careful, rather u can many incidents that may occur if u are not concentrating on your riding or not obeying the traffic rules.

    Even I went for a trip to Shimla on my bike, and I can really tell you that there are many drivers who dont even care for their own safety, forget about the others who are also driving on the same road. I was lucky enough that god has saved me such a pathetic driver who was just showing off his girlfriend how fast he can drive on hills.

    The situation is not bad on hills only, even Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali, all suffer the same thing from quite a lot of rough drivers, people driving in opposite directions just for the sake of covering small distances, people not slowing down on turnings etc.

    Its high time that not only the traffic police but also the citizens should understand that vehicles are for travelling and not fun. And obeying traffic rules will only add up to make the roads more safer.

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