Mountain Biking Himachal 2008 to start from 26th September

Mountain biking is one sport that provide you with all the adrenaline rush with a dose of breathtaking scenery especially if you are riding in the Himalayas.

Mountain Biking Himachal is coming up with its 2008 fall edition and calling all you bikers. The route, tougher and challenging then before, would be trailed from 26th September from Shimla, as the world celebrates Tourism Day. Don’t let the hills gruel your spirits but make sure to be a part of the adventure. The trail would end in Manali on the 5th October, indeed honoring those who deserve the titles that every rider aspires for. 9 days of endurance test and a competition that sees a magnitude. Registrations are already open.

If you are not one of those riders, you can still be a part of the game by volunteering for the program. Get ready, get going!

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