Himachal Consumer Court Holds Hyundai Motors Liable For Faulty Car

Shimla: The Himachal Consumer Court today held Hyundai Motors liable for frequent technical faults for a Santro Car that a complainant had bought from a Chandigarh based dealer.

Terming it as an ‘unnecessary harassment’ to the consumer, the State Consumer Forum asked Hyundai Motors and its Chandigarh based car dealer, Charisma Goldwheels to either replace the car or pay the cost for the car, along with interest of nine percent to the aggrieved consumer.

The forum has also directed the respondent parties to pay a compensation of Rs. 25,000 to the complainant, besides paying Rs 50,000 as cost of the case to the complainant.

The consumer court observed that the complainant had been unnecessarily harassed and mentally agonised. Relying on various Supreme Court and National Consumer Commission decisions, the consumer needs to be compensated, the consumer court maintained.

The complainant in his plea had submitted that within the warranty period, the ‘Santro’ car which he had purchased from the Chandigarh dealer started developing mechanical and technical (knocking) problems. Even after repeated repair and service, the trouble continued. The car was put under repaired over eight times during this short period and even then the fault was not rectified.

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