Verbal argument ends with a murder

KUMARHATTI: A fighter pilot of Indian Air Force has allegedly murdered by a lawyer near Kasauli last night. As per information available, Mr. Hari Dass Tanwar (41) a lawyer who belonged to Masara villages about 25-km from Kasauli had got enraged with the deceased and his three friends after latter were got involved in an argument with him over taking pass at Garkhal.

It all started at Garkhal market at around 6.30 pm where the accused along with his family was doing purchasing something from a shop while parking his car alongside the road. The deceased, Anubhav Rao (24), Flight Lieutenant stationed at Ambala Air Force station and his three friends, Samir Yadav also a Flight Lieutenant, Ashish Chauhan and Shanker Ghosh who were passing from Garkhal market in their private vehicle had reportedly asked the accused to take his car to side so that they could take their vehicle from the spot. The all four friends were going towards Kasauli for a joy ride.

Their demand to seek pass had ensued a verbal duel with accused who objected to their demand. However the things got settled when the accused had to take his car to side following the arrival of a bus from opposite direction.  The deceased along with his friends crossed away from site only to find the accused chasing their vehicle.

Hari Dass had reportedly overtaken his car in a rash manner from deceased vehicle. This act had now enraged the deceased and his friends who started to chase down the accused car. Near Mashobra about few kilometers from Kasauli on Kasauli –Parwanoo they again came into a verbal duel.

The heated words were exchanged between them when all of sudden the accused pulled out a knife kind thing and attacked on Anubhav Rao who was standing near the door of accused car. The knife hit the deceased on right thigh causing instant bleeding.

The deceased was rushed to Military Hospital, Kasauli. The police was informed by MH at around 8 pm. Due to profuse bleeding the deceased was rushed to Military Hospital at Chandi Mandir. He died there during night due to the immense loss of blood.

The accused was arrested by the police last night. A case has been registered.

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