Scam in sale of land in Palampur

PALAMPUR: Hundreds of sales deeds of commercial and agriculture lands in Palampur were being registered at “under value” price by the local revenue authorities causing loss in lakh to the state exchequer daily. This fact had come into light with the arrest of two property dealers by the local police last week.

Reliable sources informed that  at present the rate of land in Palampur is over rupees  eight to ten lakh per kanal , however, the sales deeds for such lands were being registered  at the rate of rupees two to three lakh per kanal causing  huge loss of stamp duty to the state government. Recently the police had arrested two property dealers of the town who disclosed these facts to the police during interrogation.

The prices of lands in past few years had touched new high in Palampur town and its adjoining areas.  Number of rich persons of the town had purchased large pieces land on throw away prices and now  selling it on high rates. The stamp duty rates which were earlier twelve percent now had been reduced to  eight percent by the state government, still there was large scale pilferage in stamp duty. The revenue authorities were well conversant with the situation but no efforts were made to  initiate any action against the culprits.
Enquiries revealed that this racket was flourishing  in Palampur with the active connivance of the local revenue authorities who were registering the sale deeds daily without looking into the factual position..  It is also learnt  that no enquiry was conducted by the revenue authorities before the registration of sale deeds. Whatever patwari recommends the tehsildar put its seal on it. There were half dozen middlemen who play active role in the registration of sale deeds with their proximity with the  revenue authorities.

It was also revealed that  most of the sale deeds were registered on the power of attorney obtained from the owner by the middlemen, whereas the real owners rarely come to the tehsil.

Number of social organizations of the town had urged the Chief Minister, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal to  order high level probe into this scam so that culprits could be brought to book.

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