Virbhadra’s comments out of frustration: Rana

KUMARHATTI: “Mr. Virbhadra Singh outburst was an outcome of his ignorance within his own party. To settle the frustration the former CM was making illogical and baseless comments against BJP.” This was stated by Mr. Rajinder Rana the BJP state Spokesperson during a press briefing at Nalagarh today.

He said that it was a sheer depression and disgust thanks to the popularity of BJP government in short span of time giving sleepless nights to Mr. Singh. The leader like his status should not speak in such manner that only eroded own credibility and respect, he pointed out. The people of state were well aware of the BJP government efforts to put the state on development path, eh maintained.

He said the Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal led BJP government has taken commendable decisions during its 100-day in power. The most of steps taken by the government were out of the imagination of Congress. The BJP has adopted its election manifesto as the policy document of the government mainly to give the people what was assured before poll, he said. The minimum wages of industrial workers in state have enhanced besides starting labour welfare schemes, he remarked.

Lashing out on UPA government, Mr. Rana said that the price rise would ultimate result in the fall of central government. The inflation was out of control and Congress led UPA government has failed miserly to check it, he said.

The Congress was losing power in its all controlled states and the days were not far when BJP would capture power at center, he asserted.

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