Project : Save the Weaver


…help him weave colour into his life again

Are we crucifying Art at the altar of Technology?

Are the benefits of development restricted only to those at the top of the pyramid?

Are those at the grass root level being exploited?

Do we as consumers bestow enough faith in the genuineness of the product that we buy?

Do we think twice before we buy?

Do we value the beauty of a handcrafted product?

These are some of the questions that remain unanswered in the valley, even as thousands of weavers spend days on their handlooms, in their tiny houses, in the most inaccessible corners, with unparalleled dexterity with the warp and the woof, creating the most exquisite traditional designs.

For a weaver the challenges are many, the possibilities infinite. Illiteracy makes these weavers oblivious to the extent of their own capabilities and skills. With the meagre wages, the inaccessible markets, the threat from power looms, the lack of entrepreneurial drive, and the exploitation associated with illiteracy, the average weaver has a hand to mouth existence. Slowly but surely he is being pulled deeper into the spirals of poverty. For survival he has started exploring greener pastures which guarantee him a quick income.

SAVE THE WEAVER is as much about securing the source of livelihood for the locals here as much as it is about preserving the rich heritage of handlooms in the valley. The art is dying, and with it will die the sense of pride associated with this great Indian tradition. These weavers do not need your sympathy. All they want is a fair chance to prove themselves and weave colour back into their lives. We urge you to come forward and help us create awareness about the problems faced by the weavers and help this art regain its lost glory.

If you would like to join hands with us, you can reach us at [email protected]

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