Eyebrow raised on plot allotment to Councilor

KUMARHATTI: The HIMUDA ongoing process to find out the possibilities to allot a residential plot to a Councilor of Municipal Committee, Parwanoo has raised eyebrows of many. Inquires showed that Mr. S.K. Sharma, CEO cum Secretary of HIMUDA in a very recent letter no HB1718798ADMM has asked the Executive Engineer HIMUDA , Parwanoo to send report on the feasibility to allot a piece of land to the Councilor who hailed outside from state.

However Mr. S.K. Sharma has termed down the all concerns as baseless. He said that there was no political favour behind the move as it was a normal procedure of department to find the feasibility report for plot after getting the allotment request in a routine fashion. At present we were looking about the feasibility to allot the plot that would purely be based on department’s report, he maintained.

Interestingly the CEO letter did not mention any concrete address of Councilor but mentioned his shop address in an incomplete manner. It is learnt that the said Councilor who was an active member of ruling party in state has also got a recommendation from a Minister while seeking the plot.

Buckling under the political pressure, the HIMUDA has allegedly in haste started the process to honour the demand in hush-hush manner.

Sources said in past too the plots have been allotted under political pressure ignoring the genuine aspirants. Moreover the unplanned construction activities in and around Parwanoo was testimony to all this.
A bird’s eye view of Parwanoo was enough to reveal that the buildings have been set up by showing total discard to design suited in hills. The coarse of natural drains and nullahs have changed to set up the buildings. Ironically the government agencies involved in giving permission for new constructions seemed to be bothering little about problem.

Mr. Umesh Sharma, Executive Engineer, HIMUDA, Parwanoo said that it was wrong to target one single case as office received so may instructions from it’s headquarter after people applied for plots. There was nothing wrong in this case as it was a routine follow-up on a normal request for plot, he said.

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