Doctor in dock over removing woman’s uterus

KUMARHATTI: The father in-law of a young woman has accused a Gynecologist of Civil Hospital, Nalagarh for playing with the life of his daughter in-law by performing wrong caesarean operation in haste. In a letter to Chief Minster today the copy of which was also available with myHimachal news, Mr. Ram Dayal Dhiman who hailed from Ranguwaal village under Rajpura post office near Nalagarh has accused the doctor for removing woman’s uterus without informing them about the same.

However Dr. Bhupesh Gupta the Gynecologist in dock has said that the uterus was removed to save the woman’s life. Had the uterus not been removed immediately the woman would have died, asserted Dr. Gupta. The woman had to re-operate shortly after the caesarean operation due to the heavy bleeding, said Dr. Gupta. There was no option than to go for second operation as due to heavy bleeding the blood pressure of woman was not recordable, he pointed out. In this situation, any Gynecologist in world would have done the same, he remarked. We were proud to have woman saved and her baby by performing a tough operation under critical circumstances, maintained Dr. Gupta.

On the other side, Mr. Dhiman in his letter has sought immediate action against Dr. Gupta for playing with the life of his daughter in-law, Mohini. He said the matter had come to light at PGI, Chandigarh where Mohini was brought in the critical condition after Dr. Gupta removed her uterus on April 1st. Mohini used to visit the accused doctor from the past nine months. All these months the doctor had assured about the normal situation. However just before the delivery on the doctor revealed about the urgent requirement of caesarean operation due to an above normal size of baby.

The operation was performed but only to turn their happiness into shock, rued Mr. Dhiman. Though the baby’s health was good but Mohini’s condition deteriorated due to the heavy bleeding. This time the doctor revealed that there was a tumour inside the uterus that required to be removed with immediate operation. The helpless and clueless in-laws allowed the doctor to do everything to save Mohini.

Mr. Dhiman further said that after second operation the bleeding could not stop and Mohini had to rush to PGI. After reaching PGI the doctor there inquired about matter and revealed the wrongdoings of Dr. Gupta. As per PGI doctors the wrong operations were performed on Mohini besides cutting her vein by mistake by the accused doctor, pointed out Mr. Dhiman. Mohini had remained in PGI for 11 days. The 8 bottles of blood had to be administrated to Mohini to save her life, lamented Mr. Dhiman.

The woman was asked to go to PGI after her condition got stable, revealed Dr. Gupta. We arranged ambulance to carry the woman to PGI and kept on inquiring about her health repeatedly on phone, he said.

Interestingly a top most Gynecologist of state has also backed Dr. Gupta claim on the matter. She told myHimachal news that under these circumstances the removing of uterus was must, otherwise the patient could loose her life.

In the letter, Mr. Dhiman has also accused that the wife of Dr. Gupta run a private ultra sound clinic at Nalagarh where all pregnant women were referred for diagnosis despite ultra sound facility in hospital. The father in-law has also sought inquiry on the construction of a posh hospital on Nalagarh – Pinjore road by Dr. Gupta.

The copy of letter has also been marked to Dr. Rajiv Bindal the Health Minister, Dr. Gian Chand, Director Health and CMO, Solan. According to Dr. S.N. Sharma, CMO Solan the instructions has given to BMO, Nalagarh to do a through inquiry on the case. The report was expected to receive in three-four days, CMO pointed out.

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