BK Modi announces Rs. 51 lakh grant for Jwalamukhi shrine in Himachal

JAWALAMUKHI: Renowned industrialist Dr. B K Modi chairman of Spice Telecom, today announced a grant of 51 lakh for the enhancing infrastructure in famous shrine of Jawalamukhi in Himachal Pradesh.

The funds will be provided to the Temple Trust in near future by the MGlobal Trust, a charitable organisation of company. The Chairman of the Trust Mr. Modi while talking to Media persons at Hotel JawalaJi, after completion of two day world level confrence on Hinduism and Buddhism, Back to Basics, said here today that MCorpGlobal is fulfilling its commitment as a responsible corporate citizen through the MGlobal Trust.

The Trust seeks to nurture human values through initiatives directed at building bridges of understanding between people of all cultures and faith traditions for global human welfare and enhancing the quality of life of the less privileged.

Photo by: Prem Sood.

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