Avesthagen introduces India’s first 100% biodegradable plastic in Himachal

KUMARHATTI: Avesthagen Limited, a Bangalore based knowledge-based Life Sciences Company and its joint venture partner, Limagran has launched an eco-friendly and biodegradable plastic for the Indian market particularly for states like Himachal and Uttaranchal where use of polythene bags have been banned .

Disclosing this here yesterday, Dr Villoo Morawala-Patell, Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director of Avesthagen Limited said that our partnership with Limagrain has resulted in the introduction of this alternative plastic material. This was our way of contributing back to the environment we lived in.  As research and innovation was core to Avesthagen, we would not stop here, but continued our work to introduce more environment friendly products, she maintained.

She said that this biodegradable plastic was manufactured using a process unique, from whole cereal grains, mainly wheat, maize and a number of specific Limagrain varieties. The products innovation lied in the combination of cereal fractions with a biodegradable polymer. Unlike the usual non-degradable plastic material, this alternate plastic introduced by Avesthagen and Limagrain, would break down and become compost in a matter of 120 days in industrial composting conditions under the norm EN13432.

Dr. Villoo further elaborated that this innovative biodegradable plastic is India’s first product aimed to curb white pollution and the hazards of environmental pollution. Alternate biodegradable materials were the need of the hour, to curb the unimaginable pollution caused by way of plastic bags and other plastic films which stay in our ecology for hundreds of years strangulating cattle and destroying ecology.

With an annual usage of over 150 million tons of non-degradable plastic, the twentieth century would well be called the “Plastic Age”, he pointed out. Further, as most non-degradable plastic used is from non-renewable resources such as petroleum, our increased consumption of plastic increases our reliance on imported oil as well, added Dr Villoo.

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  1. says: BALDEV DESAI

    I am highly impressed with the Novel Concept of Bio-degradable and Environ-friendly Plastic Material developed from Cereals, Wheat and Maize. This Information/News has prompted my Interest in your Material. Willyou, therefore, good enough to courier a couple of Material Sheets of different varieties for my Personal Information and Knowledge and also to satisfy my Inquisitiveness, alongwith the Product Specifications and Product Informnation Brochure.

    Thanks and Regards…….. ………………Baldev Desai

    13.05.2008 /


    I am interested to know more about this product which seems to be an excellent replacement for plastic,atleast in areas like use and throw carry bags which not anly are an eyesore but are causing serious damage to our ecosystem.I belong to Kerala where the state govt:has imposed a ban on plastics.The fragile eco system of the state is under serious threat because of this mindless use and throw culture.One can imagine the extent or gravity of this situation when we can see people living close to govt:landfills are taking it out to the streets causing a law and order problem.
    I would be greatful if you could write to me about this product.
    I have business establishments in Thrissur and Kochi.
    Since there is no effective alternate for plastic the govt:is compelled to go soft on the ban.This situation can be changed.

  3. says: Sanchit Gupta

    i am student, i am one of the hundreds of citizens of our country who are worried about the condition of our planet, i would really appreciate if you would kindly tell me more about your product and also about the production cost of the same. Please mail me the details so that i could educate my self and as well ppl around me. thanx

  4. says: Narayanan


    I am very much in favor of protecting the environment. I like to know about the product. Also how does it compare with the price of conventional plastic bags? Can volume bring down the price?

    Is this presently marketed in countries like Australia, New Zealand where govt. is taking conscious decision to find an alternative.


    Narayanan V

  5. says: Shravan Kumar

    Dear Mam

    I am really impressed. Can I have product literature by mail in pdf.

    Further pls let me know if this biodegradable plastic can be used as film in gravure printing technology or flexo and can it be used in packaging.
    what will be the barrier properties of the same.

    Would like to know it asap as we are looking for b iodegradable plastics for packaging our products.

    Shravan Kumar

  6. says: Hetal Shah

    Dear Mam

    I am plastic engg. and i would like to know more abour ur product.
    I am really impressed. i wants to buy that product how can i buy and implement in my product like master batch or other way u can suggest me how can i use this material.
    replay as soon as possible

    Hetal Shah

  7. says: Kabindra Kumar Ghadei

    I want to be a distributor for the state of Orissa so please send us the details of your products and criteria.


    It is wonderful, if I get chance to start company making biodegradable plastic
    I will serenely spare time and money to get profit and clean environment for the society

  9. says: spmaheshwari

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested to know more about this product which seems to be an excellent replacement for plastic,atleast in areas like use and throw carry bags and are an eyesore and causing serious damage to our ecosystem
    I would be greatful if you could write to me about this product.
    5-9-226/4 2nd floor,Chiragalilane,abids,Hyderabad 500001
    mobile 91-9391000508,Tel 040-23201386
    email id [email protected]

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