4 Congressmen Willing To Contest Against Himachal CM’s Son In By-election

Shimla: Though the BJP has more or less settled for none other than the son of the chief minister as the BJP nominee for the ensuing Hamirpur Lok Sabha by-election, the congress is still in the process of selecting a powerful opponent for the seat.

On the last day for candidates putting in their application for the congress ticket, there were as many as 4 applicants willing to take up cudgels against the BJP candidate in its bastion.

Congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore told My Himachal News that the party had received four applications for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha ticket and the selection recommendation would be finalized on 26th April.

The four applicants are OP Rattan, MPS Rana, Ranjit Singh Verma and Tara Chand Chaudhary, he disclosed.

“The son of a chief minister is a formidable candidate for the seat and the party would contest the election in all seriousness,” he said.

“The final candidate selection would be done by the party high command and the state party unit would only make its recommendation,” said Rathore.

Even though the general Lok Sabha elections in only a year way but to fill the constitutional requirements, the bye election has been scheduled so as to give representation to the people within six months after the seat fell vacant. The election is scheduled to be held on 22nd May.

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