Skinhead Protest By Tibetans

tibetan-protest-01.jpg Shimla: A batch of Tibetan refugee diaspora today shaved off their head in mid-town as a mark of protest so as to seek a political solution for a homeland.

About 28 Tibetans participated in the shaving protest at a prominent place on The Mall Road.

The peaceful demonstrators also displayed pictures and messages that they claimed had been received directly from suffering community members back in Tibet.

Having hired out a prominent place on The Mall Road, the protesters are holding a ten day awareness demonstration where sympathizers can participate in a signature campaign that would be sent to the United Nations, headquarter.

tibetan-protest-02.jpgNgawang Yontan, vice-president Shimla Tibetan Solidarity Committee said, “We are determined to secure our place under the sun. The Chinese rulers need to enter into a dialogue with His Holiness The Dalai Lama to settle the issue of Tibet.

Breaking from protests in the past we intend to get our children aged 6 to 10 to participate in these demonstrations. The objective being to send out a clear message that if our generation fails to secure a free Tibet, the next generation will do so,” said Yontan.

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