Dalai Lama calls for international probe into Tibetan crisis

Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama today  expressed his deep gratitude to world leaders and the international community for their concern over the recent sad turn of events in Tibet and for their attempts to persuade the Chinese authorities to exercise restraint in dealing with the demonstrations.As per a press release issued by Dalai Lama’s office, he has called for a thorough investigation by a respected body, which should include Chinese representatives, to look into the allegations of Dalai Lama’s involvement in protests. Prsess statement mentioned that the international body would need to visit Tibet, the traditional Tibetan areas outside the Tibet Autonomous Region, and also the Central Tibetan Administration here in India.

Dalai Lama believes that a form of cultural genocide has taken place in Tibet, where the Tibetan identity has been under constant attack.

He said that the demonstrations and protests taking place in Tibet are a spontaneous outburst of public resentment built up by years of repression in defiance of authorities that are oblivious to the sentiments of the local populace. He made it clear that on his own part,he remains committed to taking the Middle Way approach and pursuing a process of dialogue in order to find a mutually beneficial solution to the Tibetan issue.With these points in mind, Dalai Lama also seek the international community’s support for efforts to resolve Tibet’s problems through dialogue, and  urged them to call upon the Chinese leadership to exercise the utmost restraint in dealing with the current disturbed situation and to treat those who are being arrested properly and fairly.

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  1. says: chay

    Since violence are quickly escalating on Tibet, they need to expedite the talks and also make someone stands to free the people both of china and tibet.

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