CTA urges Tibetan to avoid violence during 2008 Beijing Olympics

Dharamsala: The Central Tibetan Administration of Tibetan Govt. in-exile has appealed to Tibetans to avoid resorting to violent approach during the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay in India, in April. The guideline issued by the C T A said:

“Resorting to violent means by the Tibetans, which are against the law and cause embarrassment to the people and the government of India, must not be allowed. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has supported that China, as the world’s most populous nation should be given the right to host the Olympic Games.”

It also said that His Holiness has regularly stated that the Olympic Games in China must be held successfully without any hindrance, since the event is being long awaited by the Chinese with great pride and happiness.

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