Season’s Heaviest Snowfall in Manali

heavy snow in manali 1

Manali Skiing on Mall

Manali Snow

Courtesy Sanjeeva Pandey

Sanjeeva Pandey is a forester, environmentalist and an active conservationist who was instrumental in attaining the World Heritage Status for Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) in Himachal Pradesh. He lives in Shimla

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  1. says: Amit Kaushish

    That day was really amazing. We reached Manali on 4th feb-08. It was very beautiful sight to see tonns of snow every where.

    I can never forget that beautiful sights.


    1. says: OM jauhry

      dear amitji, I read your messge. U guy was very lucky tro enjoy tone of snow on ur visit to manali in 2008. I too visited Manali in jun10 and enjoyed the wonderful weather prevailing at that time. I wish I could go there on a snow fall day?

  2. says: VISHAL NAIDU

    shimla is lovely place whr a person can forget all his bad times n just enjoy the environment. Especially the mall road whr we can find an decent crowd.

  3. says: OM jauhry

    I visited manali in june, 2010 and found the weather there very comfortable in enjoying, the rains and cold spell were there. could not reach Rohtang due to some road block and heavy trafic jam on 12.6.10.

  4. says: Jagadsih

    I’m planning to visit Shimla arround November..Can I expect a snow fall during this period. Wat is the best time to visit Shimla

  5. says: tina

    i have been to manli once n from there to ladakh n trust me it was more like heavan on earth.i have never seen anything like that in my lfe. it was the most beautiful sight ever. everywhre there were glaciers n nature in its best.

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