Maranda a business hub of Kangra in neglected state

PALAMPUR- Maranda an important town and major business center of Kangra district is crying for attention of the authorities concerned as the residents are living in hellish conditions. This town which was is still devoid of basic amenities. Patholed roads and streets, overflowing drains, contaminated drinking water tell the tale of town, which is fast turning into a huge slum.

Almost all the interior streets of the town are in bad shape. Due to overflowing drains , the water collects on these streets, which stink every time, thus making it difficult for the residents to move. Some of the paved streets have been damage because of regular over flowing drains and leakage of drinking water pipes. Garbage can be seen in every nook and corner of the town.. There is no sewerage system in the town, which has caused insanitary and unhygienic conditions. The sanitary condition of the town is unhealthy and deplorable, thus creating number of health problems. The condition of internal localities of this town is the worst and have been virtually reduced to slums.

To get rid of grievances of the residents of this town , sewerage system must be laid on top priority as the prevailing conditions are alarming . Apart from this the there is also shortage of potable water in the town. There is general complaint that drinking water being supplied to the residents carry mud and other waste material which is not fit for human consumption.

In the absence of proper bus stand the buses stop on the road therefore the narrow Pathankot-Mandi national highway which passes through this town has become a major problem for the residents of this town because of frequent traffic jam. Despite repeated requests the state government has not cleared the project for the construction of a bye-pass to this town.

At present this town is being governed by the panchyat, which has no funds to keep the town clean. There has been manifold increase in the population this town in past five years and the panchyat is finding it very difficult to maintain the town with meager funds allotted to it every year.

The Residents of the town want that with the passage of time this small town is expanding very fast, therefore plan should be drawn up to provide basic amenities to them at par with other towns of the state. Liberal funds should also be sanctioned to panchyat for the installation of streets lights in all localities of the town. Panchyat should also be permitted to charge toll tax from the vehicles and tax on the sale of liquor so that it could raise its own resources for the development of the town.

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