Legal Services Authority shows disrespect to the Flag

Himachal Legal Services Authority shows disrespect to FlagShimla: On Saturday, a VIP ambassador car numbered HP-52-0063 was captured in the camera, when it showed disrespect to the flag. The car was parked but the flag on the car was not dropped – the flag was of Legal Services Authority.

The VIP vehicles are supposed to drop the flag when it is parked or is being used by somebody else other than the person who is entitled to use that vehicle. Even the red light is supposed to be covered when a VIP is not in the car or the vehicle is being used by somebody other than the person who is entitled to use a red lighted vehicle.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    It is matter of national insult, more serious, when done by an official of legal service authority who is supposed to strengthen legal services. But no one can dare to punish these people commiting such errors as there exists a great understanding between these influential people of the society (Page 3 Class). But kudos to media lens men who dare to highlight the flouting of rules by the so called rule protectors. Various such stories in print and electronic media about misuse of official vehicles are also ignored by this class.

    We can see wives and children of officers enjoying the ride in official vehicles daily but who is going to take action in such a big nexus among top brass of society. But they can off course suggest cutting down government expenses for government schools that does not have any impact on their child’s education. Even staying in stinking rooms cannot be ever imagined, not to think of the studies in them. It instead helps in lowering the competitiveness to this elite class.

  2. says: Bijan Arora

    The Great Indian Bureaucracy, the legacy of British Raj at its best. As we read about Red tapism in India and how it has crippled growth for years, we hear our prime minister talk about administrative reforms, we hear our politicians talk about single window clearance and promoting more efficient work culture in our Public sector, the least one would expect of all this is some kind of sombre effect on our babus.

    But no that’s not going to happen because there is no accountability in the system. One can go on flaunting all the rules just because they have this notion of being the privileged ones and that they don’t have to answer anyone. Their work culture is nothing but to keep public high and dry, always begging for frivolous things at their door which satisfy their huge egos and make them feel special.

    Its high time for our bureaucrats to mend their ways. The world is changing at a very fast pace. With IT & Telecom revolution, with new tools such as RTI act and the expectations of this Chak De generation you will never know what has hit you. You are supposed to work for the people and you better start doing that.

  3. says: Rivesh

    What has happened in Mumbai after Raj Thakre’s political game plan has proved that the supporting natives are a frustrated lot due to system failure and growing economic concentration and role of money and muscle in such centers. Such a phenomena can be also observed in Himachal. There are growing number of people in the state having no emotional attachment with the Himachal. Their simple aim is to live a luxurious life with red beckons or fill up the suit cases. Maharashtra like politics and frustration cannot be ruled out in coming future in this state too, if all this is not stopped right now.

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