Administrative Steps by Govt. to work for public welfare

Shimla: A Government Spokesman said on Saturday that Himachal Pradesh Government is committed to provide transparent and responsive administration to the people. Thus, he spoke about the various steps taken by the government in this measure.

He said on the request of the State, the Central Government has started the supply of first consignment of fertilizer from Kandla in Gujrat to the State to meet out the scarcity of fertilizers. The remaining supply of fertilizers to the state will come from Kandla and other IFFCO plants.

He also said that all the Cabinet Ministers would be available in the H.P. Secretariat atleast four days in a week to listen the grievances of the people. He said that during the field tours, the Ministers would also have access to the people for redressal of their grievances.

The Government has banned the use of polythene in the State and he added that concerned Deputy Commissioner at District-level and Director, Science & Technology and Environment Department at State-level would monitor that the use of polythene be avoided.

More than four vehicles will not follow the Chief Minister Carcade during his tour of the State. The officers are not required to accompany the Chief Minister during his movement and when asked by the Chief Minister they would report to him during his field tours of the State. The same goes for the Deputy Commissioners and Superintendent of Police.

For a congenial educational environment the government has banned public meetings in educational institutions and use of cell phones by staff or students in classrooms.

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