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milkcake of himachal

Several decades ago late Shri Ram Krishan Sharma of Paragpur, Kangra district came to Shimla to earn a living. Somehow he managed to take up a job at a shop in Ganj market of Shimla – unaware of the fact that one day he’ll have his own a shop.

He worked there for some years and one fine day moved to Bhararighat to open his Sweet Shop. He took a shop space on rent and there started the sweet journey of R.K.Sharma Sweet Shop. After working hard he managed to purchase the same shop that is on the corner of the Bhararighat bus stop market.

R.K.Sharma Sweets Shop is no different to any sweet shop you might have seen on roadside but its ‘Milkcake’ makes it taller than any other shop. People with sweet tooth never forget to stop at the shop to get themselves a sweet box of ‘Milkcake’, while driving through Shimla-Manali highway. If you like simple yet yummy milkcake, you will surely like the preparation of this sweet shop.
r.k.sharma sweet shop in bhararighat, himachal
Several litres of pure white milk bought from the nearby village is boiled till it is reduced to form ‘khoaa’into which sugar is added that is then cooled to solidify and then smoothly cut into pieces. If you are thinking that these pieces means some rectangle or squarical shapes then I’m sorry to say that the big chunk of milkcake is cut unevenly in front of you and then these unevenly cut pieces are put into the sweet box. Anyways, I guess shape does not matter if the sweet can satisfy your sweet tooth.

The shop is now run by the two sons of R.K.Sharma – Om Prakash Sharma and Ashok Kumar Sharma. The shop sells over 150 kilograms of milkcake every month and caters customers around Himachal as well as neighboring states.

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