A message of love on Valentine’s Day

Love in itself is a divine word. It is essentially an abstract concept, much easier to experience than to explain. It is that divine power which makes the world worth living. It is the guiding light of ones life. A life without love is like a bird without feathers. It is the basic necessity of life. It is the love which brings real happiness in our lives.

Mother is the one who teaches us the first chapter of love. It is she only who nourishes her child for nine long months from her blood and flesh with utmost care and selfless love. Unfortunately those mothers who opt for child feoticide cannot be the teacher of this first chapter of love. The bond of love between child and mother is one of the purest forms of love on this earth. The second form of love is the father who without caring for his health and interests always works hard to secure the future of his child, by providing all possible comforts of life. Father means the world of protection and unselfish love to a child.

Next is the love of siblings, friends, relatives, etc. in ones life. Without them a person can survive but cannot live a beautiful life however, some of these relationships join a person later in life, but serves as strength to him/her. Without any grudges, they points out your flaws to make you a better person.

Above all is the love of a lover and his/her beloved. The word lover or beloved in itself has love in it, which is full of romance. This powerful love fills our heart with bliss.

14th February is a day to celebrate love in form of Valentine’s Day, it does not mean particularly lovers day but it is a day for the ones you love. Similarly, you can celebrate the special day of love with your parents as well as friends. Unfortunately, it a matter of immense agony that very few of us understand the real value of unselfish love of our parents. Perhaps most of us think themselves to be strong and powerful from their mother’s womb and believe that their parents have no contribution in their successful life. As a result most of them send their parents either to old age home or leave them alone with servants because they have to go abroad for their so called progress. By doing this they think that they are providing their parents with best facilities but forgetting that it is only materialistic. There are also some who keep their parents at home but treat them worse than servants. On the other hand, the ratio of people who care and consider their parents the part and parcel of their lives is very less. It should not be forgotten by the children who ill-treat their parents that even they will get old one day. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day is the right time to make an effort to show your parents, how special they are in your lives before it is too late.

When we are talking about love how can we end without any mention of lovers! Does the words like love, lover and beloved beholds the same meaning as it was for the great love icons like Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majanu, Heer-Ranjhaa and famous Himachali lovers Kunju-Chanchalo. With a heavy heart it is to be stated that love has lost its glory in modern world. Gradually, love is being replaced by lust. Though it may not be so in all cases as it is due to those true lovers only the love still exists in its true divine nature. True love is the union of souls followed by bodily union, somehow for many minds it is mere sexual pleasure. In true love an eye contact serves as great satisfaction than any physical touch.

Todays, burning issue is the misconception of the imprudent youth over the name of love, which ends up facing sexual-harassment. Unaware youth forgets the disastrous aftermath of this so called love, which later takes the form of AIDS and many other transferable diseases. If it is not stopped soon the day is not far when this monster will engulf the whole world.

On this special occasion of Valentine’s Day let’s take the pledge to spread a message of love in wider sense and try to understand the real meaning of love. Let’s pray to god to bless everyone with the refreshing beams of true love, in any form, so as to make this world a better place to live in.

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  1. says: mukul

    heloo dear ..well wish u a very g8 and lovable valentine ….
    may ur every wish will be done.on d day …

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