Teenaged girl accuses parents of inhuman treatment

KUMARHATTI: In a sensational disclosures today a Nalagarh based teenaged girl has accused her parents for giving her inhuman treatment. In a compliant filed at Nalagarh police station, the 18-year old girl has accused her parents for repeatedly beating her mercilessly and tying her up with chain inside the house from long time.

Accompanied by Ms. Neena Rana the Councilor of ward no 4, Nalagarh and neighbours the girl has shown her injuries marks to media person presented at police station. As per girl last night she was again beaten up badly by her parents in her house in ward no 4. Later in night she somehow managed to get released from chain and reached at neighbour’s house. She narrated her tale of woes to the neighbours.

The girl was taken to the Councilor’s home this morning by the neighbours. Talking to media person the girl said that her parents did not allow her to roam free even inside the house. They used to beat me up at their own will and kept tied with bed throughout the day, girl rued.

I did not want to stay with my parents, she lamented. However Kuldeep and Pinki the father and step mother of girl have termed the girl’s allegations as baseless. They said she was a mentally upset as a result they have to tie her with chains.

Ironically the girl during her interaction with media did not at all behave like a mentally discarded person. She answered all questions like any other normal person. Meanwhile the medical examination of girl has been done. A case has been registered against the girl’s parents.

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